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To build a lasting foundation for Florida’s future, we must organize around the core challenges facing Florida's families - the economy, education and health care.  By acting together, we can overcome the obstacles that you and your neighbors face every day.  Read more about the challenges we face and the solutions that will get us back on the road to long-term prosperity.  I welcome your thoughts on how to meet our area's challenges.
Today’s students will compete for jobs with students from around the world. Floridians must demand more accountability and innovation so that the students of today will lead the America of tomorrow. I support comprehensive and innovative educational reform so that we can prepare our children to survive and thrive in the global marketplace. By investing both dollars and innovation in our education system, we can guarantee access to affordable and quality education in the state of Florida. If we all work together, we can strengthen the system and make sure that all children are best prepared for success both in college and in the workplace.

As individuals we all strive to be fiscally responsible and live within our financial means, whatever they may be. As residents of district 38 we expect our government to do the same. Florida’s taxpayers deserve nothing less than to have their hard-earned tax dollars spent in the most efficient and accountable manner. This is a time to be more fiscally responsible, not to pass the burden off to hardworking Floridians by raising taxes. We work too hard to continue to have our government reach into our pockets to fill a void it created. I will continue to work hard to safeguard your hard earned dollars from wasteful government spending.

Healthcare must continue to be a top priority in the state of Florida. We must work to ensure that programs designed to help care for our elderly, our children, and the physically disabled are protected and designed to serve the needs of all better. It is vital that we explore any and all methods of preventative care to address the medical needs of our population. We can work together to fix our state’s healthcare system before it is too late.
Let’s allow the free market to work and continue to promote and cultivate competition in the insurance market. At the same time we need to be a watchdog to make certain that private insurers are charging sound and fair rates, while at the same time following the laws recently passed by the legislature. I believe that a national program for homeowners insurance, similar to the already established flood insurance program, would help to stabilize our insurance premiums and spread the risks across the nation to ensure affordable property insurance.
The sanctity of life must be preserved and it is our responsibility to ensure that the rights of the unborn are taken into account. I have always been an advocate for the rights of the unborn and will continue to do so from the Florida Senate.
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